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Vidalia Fire Department
Training Division
Training Officer
Captain Vanier

Assistant Training Officer
Lieutenant Brown

204 Vernon Stevens Boulevard
Vidalia, Louisiana 71373

The mission of the Vidalia Fire Department's Training Department is to provide the most up to date training and information to the employees of the department.  Our Training Department meets all requirements set fourth by P.I.A.L. (Property Insurance Association of Louisiana).  The employees of the Vidalia Fire Department receives training daily both in the class room and with the use of hands on applications.  Training at our department is not something that is taken likely, we believe that training is one of the most important aspects of our business.  We keep our personnel training with the most up to date techniques and applications that have been proven to work.  


Most of the classes that are done at the department are prepared and presented by Captain Vanier through much studying and preparation.  If you or your department would like to receive some of Captain Vanier's class room materials including but not limited to power point presentations, handouts, and skill applications, please feel free to email the Training Department at the above email link with your request.  


The Vidalia Fire Department now has a Training Center for hands on and class room training.  The training center currently has a large class room for multi-company training, a live fire building, and a 4 story drill tower for high angle rescue training, and various multi-story training evolutions.

Training Downloads

Captain Vanier would like to offer you or your department free training downloads that has been used at the Vidalia Fire Department for training both in the class room and hands on.  Feel free to download and change to fit your department's needs by clicking the link below.

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Current Classroom/Practical Activity For The Month of November 2015

  • Vidalia Fire Department Fire Academy